NeutronRC H743 flight controller

Interesting FC for whoop and ultralight quads
H7, 512Mb flash for logs sounds tempting

But not supported ardupilot at this moment

@andyp1per how you think, this board can work with ardupilot?
Onboard flash can be used for lua scripting and terrain data?

Do you have one? There is a script that can get you started.

not yet.
but I’m thinking of buying. So far, I’m wondering if it’s possible to load the terrain data and lua scripts on the built-in flash via mavftp. At this moment i use Goku F745 AIO, but want have more storage for logs and outher features. This FC interesting variant for upgrade

You can only burn the lua scripts into the firmware flash, you can’t manage them like you do on an sdcard. I have a little project to fix this, but I keep getting derailed by other things

I don’t use scripting yet.

loading scripts this way will not work with this FC?

No, it requires a filesystem which the flash support does not yet have

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I have ordered this board, is there any chance that Ardupilot support this board in the future? Is someone working on this?

Hi all need some hep troubleshooting. I have been using the standalone version of the NeutronRC H743 utilizing the MatekH743 target with ICM42688P+ICM42605. The latter IMU doesnt show up in Hw ID in mission planner and was wondering if the firmware isnt detecting the ICM42605.

Betaflight seems to be able to detect the device on SPI4 and allows me to switch the IMU to the ICM42605

The matek target includes both those devices so not sure why it wouldn’t work unless the pinout is different.