Neopixel LED on Matek F765-Wing


I have just flashed a F765-Wing with 4.1 stable (default parameters). Now I want to configure a Neopixel LED strip (Matek 2812 LED Strip) to output Servo10. This does not work.

If I configure the LEDs on Output Servo5 or Servo6 it works immediately. But not from Servo7-10.

What is the difference between the outputs? Shouldn’t Neopixel be configurable on each output?

It should be. Has to do with how the groups of outputs are setup for PWM or DShot signals.

I can’t offer too much advice because I’ve never set one of these up, but looks like the F765 has a dedicated LED output that functions as SERVO13.


Maybe there’s a clue for you there.

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Thank you! That’s exactly what I overlooked … Works now!

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