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Negative throttle issue


I’ve configured my joystick with “Center stick is zero throttle” and “Allow negative thrust” enabled, yet when I launch QGroundControl or I plug my joystick in the throttle is shown all the way to the left whereas everything else is centered correctly. In that state everything works normally except negative throttle which doesn’t do anything.
The mere act of going to the “Advanced” tab fixes the issue(without touching any options in that tab), the throttle is shown centered as expected and negative throttle works.
Interestingly disconnecting and reconnecting the drone doesn’t cause the issue.

This issue occurs on the latest release of QGroundControl and on v3.5, and on the ArduPilot Rover firmware v4.0 and v3.5 on a PixHawk 2.1. The controller is an Arduino Leonardo communicating via the Arduino Joystick Library.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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