Need Video of Plane crashing after Terminate action (Advanced Fail Safe) was executed

ArduPlane advanced fail safe can be setup to terminate the vehicle when certain conditions are met, e.g communication and GPS lost. The terminate action, as described, sets all control surfaces to maximum, which should lead to spinning down.

Is there any video showing a VTOL or plane where the terminate action was executed, and the plane crashed into the ground?

Background of this question is that local flight authorities have the “fear” that a vehicle that lost its control, might glide into inhabited areas. Having a video showing that a plane or vtol will straight spin down, after terminate action was executed, and therefore still staying in the “allowed” areas, would be beneficial.

The only video I found so far is the demonstration of QStabilize mode, by first manual setting throttle down until the vehicle spinned down: But that’s not the terminate action.


Hi Alexis, make one :smiley:

Could you capture it using SITL?

SITL in combination with a physical Simulation (gazebo ?) might work. SITL alone does not simulate physics. I have the hope that for the Outback Challenge competition, AFS was developed for, such a video exists.