Need to install stick mode 3- is this possible?

I’ve been flying fixed wing mode 3 for too many years to change now.Can Qgroundcontrol do this? No luck after a lot of work.

Stick mode is Transmitter dependent. If you choose Mode 3, assuming your Tx is set to mode 3, your Rx is still 1 Ail, 2 Elv, 3 Throttle, 4 Rudder.

GroundControlSoftware (Mission Planner or QGroundControl) is not involved.


I assume that’s correct… But that said you still need to be able to do an RC Calibration. For RC Cal QGC supports mode 1 and mode 2. But in reality all that changes is the graphics shown to you to follow along. Moe this stick that way and so forth. If you instead follow the words and can translate the say mode 2 graphics to what that would be in mode 4 then you can calibrate for mode 4 as well.

Thank you both for the reply. Total newbie to pixhawk and PX4, unlearned but not overly dense.
I fly with Graupner, MX-20, and the channel order is different, including out of the Rx.
Goes 1- throttle, 2-ail, 3-elev,4-rudder . I could channel map the Rx to the accepted order, that begins with 1-throttle. Like, pick either mode 1 or mode 2, and emulate the channel order in the Rx. Seems that should work. (?)