Need to explicitly set Q_M_PWM_MAX/MIN

Hi all! I’ve been working on a new quadplane and had it hovering with 4.1.2 with a Matek H743 controller. I thought I would upgrade to 4.2.1 while I had it plugged into the computer, but now I don’t seem to be getting any PWM output to the ESCs.

  • The quad/copter motors are physically on servo outputs 5-8.
  • SERVO5_FUNCTION=Motor1 (etc. for the other three).
  • There’s no longer a BRD_PWM_COUNT parameter, but on boot, it reports “RCOut: PWM:1-13”.
  • I’ve confirmed there’s 25V on the power to the ESCs.
  • I’ve confirmed there’s 5V on the servo rails.
  • Q_M_PWM_TYPE is “Normal”.

Once it acquires GPS will arm, but the motors never actually spin (even with additional throttle). The QCG “Motor Setup” sliders don’t spin them up either.

Parameter File (36.3 KB)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Cheers, David.

After some amount of random walking, I figured it out. I needed to explicitly set Q_M_PWM_MAX/MIN. These weren’t imported from my old parameters because QGC segfaults when loading parameters from a file. I hadn’t homed in on them earlier because the doc’s say when they were set to 0 they would use the RC3_MAX/MIN, which doesn’t seem to be the case in practice. Cheers.