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Need Tips for Custom Coax Copter with 4 flaps

Hi all,

I’ve built a 2 rotor coax copter with 4 flaps, similar enough to the ones seen here: []

Looking for some tips to help me understand how to setup servo outputs in mission planner for this custom setup. Looking for understanding how it is inteaded to be for a coax copter, the documentation is limited. Details below:

Not Working:
-Yaw not working. I currently have the motors assigned to RCin1 (channel 1) in the servo/motor output function screen in mission planner. So that makes them respond to throttle commands, but how do I also make them respond to yaw commands (which would be channel 4 on my transmitter)? I don’t see any way to assign outputs to respond to two separate input channels from the transmitter. Is there some automatic setting or something that handles this already that I am missing, or do I need to set all this up custom somehow for a coax copter

-Auto-stability. Neither the rotors nor the four flaps do anything to try to to auto-stabilize the craft, even the it is in stabilize mode. Again, I think might have something to do with that fact that I assigned the flaps and motors directly to RCin# in mission planner. It works for manual control by one channel, but misses the other features.

-pixhawk main out 5 & 6. These outputs worked for a minute, now won’t output anything, so I just don’t use them for the motors anymore (use 7&8 now instead). Not a big deal, but figured I mention it.

Got Working:
-Rotors spinning and responding to RC Throttle input
-Flaps/Servos correctly responding to RC Stick input

-Mission Planner
-Copter 3.5.7
-Pixhawk 2.1

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I have same issues… on my first build … has this been answered?

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