Need support for Here Plus RTK

Hi, recently I bought a Here Plus RTK set. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get RTK fix or even DGPS result from the rover. Let me describe the way I set up Here Plus RTK:

  • Configure base station to output RTCM3 messages (1005,1077,1087) on USB port through u-center.
  • Use “inject GPS Type” function in Mission Planner 1.3.46.
  • Connect rover to GPS port in Pixhawk2.
  • I have checked that Pixhawk has sent RTCM3 messages 1005,1077,1087 through GPS port by u-center. However, In Mission Planner, I have never got DGPS or RTK float or fix result, just 3D fix.
  • I have tried to disable “M8P auto config” function and manually configure the rover to accept RTCM3 messages in UART1 using u-center but the result was the same.
    Does anyone have any idea?
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oh。mygod Me too!!!I modified all the relevant parameters。but 。。。。There is no effect
。never got DGPS or RTK float or fix result, just 3D fix。

I am not sure about the support on rover, but on Copter firmware 3.5 I can get RTK Float/Fix with the setup without problem. Do you have your base mdule cnneced to Mission Planner? I think it can only be connected to one software at a time, so you should connect it to MP instead of ucentre duing operation.

thanks。i firmware 3.5 rc4。Can get RTK float/fix。3.4.6 cannot。

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Firmware 3.4 was already out when Here+ were released. The release notes for 3.5 have the RTK for Here+ added. So you must be using at least 3.5 for RTK.

I have got RTK fix solution with Copter firmware 3.5. Thank all you guys.