Need suggestion to increase the flight time

Hello everyone,

Currently I am having the Drone with made up of

F-450 frame with Air-gear combo pack T motors with 6000mah batty.
The overall weight is 1955g.
The flight time is around 18 minutes now.

What motors and propellers can increase the flight time upto 25-30 minutes?

I can’t increase the battery mah more than this.

Kindly suggest some LESS CURRENT CONSUMING motors and propellers.


Do a search in this forum for “f450 increase flight time” and read through those, especially read through the first search result.
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I would leave the F450 frame how it is, plan on going to a carbon fibre frame and get new motors/props/ESCs and flight controller - then you’ve got two aircraft, and more is always better!

Static test at home:

  • Get a motor tester with current measurement capability.
  • Divide the total weight by the number of motors.
  • For that thrust find the combination motor/propeller with the least current.
  • Try the same with another battery (heavier or lighter).