Need suggestion on my Autotune Result

Hello everyone!!

I have completed the autotune. During the autotune

  1. Left roll twitching is more than the right roll twitching.
  2. On the pitch, forward and backward twitching were same.
  3. Yaw also same.

I saved the values and tested.

  1. The roll stabilization was very slow. Kind of pendulum effect.
  2. pitch stabilization was good.
  3. Yaw is good.

After the test flying I have taken the Pitch values and replaced to the Roll values. Then it was flying good. Is it wright way to do that?

Please let me know.

Before autotune

After autotune

Can anybody help me with the above query?

Probably yes. Do you have a .bin log from after you made the changes, when it seems to be flying best?

Here is the LOG file

Motors 1 and 3 are generally lower output that motors 2 and 4, indicating some weight imbalance to the rear, and sometimes 1 and 3 are momentarily reaching minimum output. You might be able to set you MOT_SPIN_MIN a bit lower like 0.13

You can set INS_HNTCH_REF to 0.171
I’d be interested to see a log with these set to check the HNTCH settings, but it seems reasonable how it is, but it’s not essential.
If you are sure it’s correct you can set INS_LOG_BAT_MASK,0 to reduce logging.

You can set these since there seems no danger of fly-away

After you’ve balanced the weight a bit better and set those other params, you can run another Autotune, or at least do another test flight with a bit of hovering and some gentle maneuvers - don’t worry so much about deflecting pitch and roll to their absolute maximums.

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