Need some help setting up a tail sitter

So I am starting to do the config for this tail sitter and running into a few issues.

I will list them here and any input would be appreciated.

  1. The ESC telemetry reports the voltage as about 5 vdc higher then it should be. I imagine there is a BLHeli adjustment that can be made but not sure.

  2. I tried the ESC calibration using the process when using Q_ESC_CAL=2.
    I don’t think this is working because I see motors spin up at different times.

3,I notice that once I get a GPS lock and I arm the bird…on the bench props off. The horizon suddenly flips and the fc starts screaming bloody murder. I suspect I have a config issue here. It’s unclear to me if I do an Accel calibration with it sitting on its tail or as if in level flight.
Also I am not sure if the AHRS_Orientation needs to be different since it is a tail sitter.

Here are the param file and most recent bin
[Cygnet - Google Drive ]

Later that same day, lol
I am binning the ESC as I continuously have issues with it reporting that ESC 1 isn’t activated. Had enough of that non sense, so the circular filing cabinet for it.
I also noticed that Q_TAILSIT_ENABLE wasn’t set right so I corrected that but there has been no change to the machines behaviour.

Ok I think I am getting closer.
I reread the documentation and confirmed I had done the Accel calibration correctly.
However I missed the fact that you need to do the boot up in level flight orientation. I had not done that so I have now.
I then noticed the horizon was correct in a Q mode and wrong in FBWA if sitting on it’s tail. This I believe is the normal behaviour…so I think I am good there.

I did notice that the horizon still flips after a few seconds but noticed the machine is going into RTL while sitting on it’s tail. Thats plane mode so the horizon would be messed up. Why it’s not doing a Qrtl when it’s sitting on it’s tail I don’t know.

It’s clear that the HackRC 4in1 esc isn’t working right. One motor hesitates to start and the telemetry voltage is 3 volts high. Also I can’t access one esc via BLHeli as it says it’s not activted or it’s unknown. So me thinks it’s getting tossed.

What I would like to do is confirm some config if I can.

I have set Q_TAILSIT_ENABLE,2 which is for no control surfaces. So I think thats right.
I have set Q_TAILSIT_MOTMX,15 which is the first 4 motors…so I think thats right.
I have set Q_FRAME_TYPE,16 which is for this type of motor orientation.

I know this is the motor test relationship for a quad. I assume it’s the same for the NYT QUAD X Motor Tailsitter if so then my motor order is wrong and I need to correct that.

Nomaly no need to cal if your using Dshot just a reboot and arm will do the trick. however go to esc cal and set the dshot from normal to 600. you will hear the esc make a noise when armed.

Do the AHRS as the bird is flying level not pointing up.

sounds good. FBWA only reads right when tilted level to the tarmac.

Hey Thanks Brandon.
I think my ESC is fubar. Its not starting right. I agree calibration isn’t normally needed, but I was trying to determine what was wrong with the ESC…so will try the Dshot 600 but if no joy I am tossing it.

What I am not sure about is motor order.
Thats got me a bit confused.

HwingFor-Mark.param (22.6 KB)

answer some questions like mot assignments. BTW killer job.

hey dude what param file is this. You gave me one the other week, it was FoxHwing01.param.
Is this different.
Also I discovered the Dshot wasn’t set so I will correct that and test some more.

Also what is that new file. I tried to open it and it appears to be an HTML file.

shoot I uploaded the wrong one let me fix that…

Try this:


HwingFor-Mark.param (22.6 KB)

Interesting I was looking at the 3D model that fly’s in RealFlight and the craft is setup like this.

Please refer me to this model. Where can i find this model for real flight?

On GitHub.