Need some chassis ideas

Hello there! First post here…

I have a friend that wants me to make a rover for him that can hold a small camera about 5 or 6 feet high. It will travel on mostly smooth surfaces but will also need to navigate outdoor walkways which may have some uneven sections.

I’ve been looking at a bunch of different sites with robotic platforms and the best I’ve found so far is the Dagu “Wild Thumper” 6WD, but I’m just not sure that it’s quite wide enough for the application

It seems like it would keep the camera fairly stable, though any base movement across the length of the 5’ arm that is holding the camera is going to equate to a lot of movement at the camera side.
I want to try and mount a gimbal but the camera records in 360 degrees so a gimbal will end up obstructing the view.

I’d go on more about ideas for the gimbal but I guess this isn’t really the right forum for that.

Anyway, any help/suggestions would be much appreciated! :smiley:

5’ high from the rover is a LOT of leverage. Every small bump in the rover is going to be very noticeable in the camera. A good gimbal might help as some of the copter images using gimbal’s is amazing. You would have to try it to see. Make sure you post photo’s here if you do!
Thanks, Grant.