Need rc car for autonomous drive

Hello everyone,

I am new to the building of ground vehicles. I have been doing quadcopters, but for the summer I will be working on building a fully autonomous ground vehicle. I have been looking at the following link having many RC cars : … tegory=910

If someone can refer me to another link, I would appreciate it. Also, how can I install in any of those vehicles APM board to make the car respond. I am planning to use Turnigy 9x.


I would stay clear of hobbyking rc cars if you are learning. Parts are a hassle to get when you break it. I like the traxxas slash, any variety of that model will work. It has good bumpers for when you hit something. Parts are easy to get from local hobby stores and there is a lot of online places to get parts or aftermarket upgraded parts.

Thanks for the reply. I have been also looking at other links to show me how to connect APM/Pixhawk board to the vehicle. Do you happen to know a better link?

Thanks again