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Need Powerfull Gimbal camera on C172

Good Day,

We are an Aerial Imaging company in Vancouver, BC. We like to have a gimbal camera mounted to the right side of our C172. This is for applications of looking at pipeline wellhead with great detail and precision. We will be flying 1500 AGL @ 80 knots.

Is there a company out there specializing in this service?


Amir Iliya Sedghi

Payload Specialist, Precision Vectors Aerial lnc.

778.858.0681 |

211-71 West 2nd Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Y 0J7

Gremsy T3 claims to be able to handle up to 70mph.

This is the fastest I’ve seen any gimbal operate at and the result isn’t that convincing.

Which camera do you need to use? The thing with gimbals and high speed is just aerodynamics. If you can fit your camera on a symmetric spherical payload it will work. I think there are some companies doing it for cinema purposes.

This is an example of what can be done (at a price).


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