Need more telemetry output on Pixhawk

I have a BIG problem and little experience (not enought) with Pixhawk ports.

I need to install MiniOSD, 3DR clone telemetry and Mavlink Led Controller, but they need Telemetry ports, and i have only 2 ports.
I have read about split Y cables of one Telemetry ports, but i dont know settings into FC.

Can i use serial 4/5 for connect one of this instead telemetry?

Thanks for help

Both 4&5 are now available for that in current stable.

@lawfx if you need the same telemetry protocol at the same rates then I would recommend to use single port and Y splitter.
It is really nothing to configure.

The splitter itself is nothing special at all. You just connect Rx wire of all your consumers to a single Pixhawk’s port Tx wire. And the same way you must connect ground wires as well.

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Thank you for the info!

i have to do some settings once pluged in Mavlink LED ito serial 4/5 port? or it
recognizes it automaticaly and only need to activate in hardware panel?

i’m in fear to plug battery XD

thank you

You have to configure the serial port protocol and baud (SERIAL4_BAUD/SERIAL4_PROTOCOL for example) . Configure these in Mission planner, it’s obvious what settings are required.

Put a Y splitter into either of the telemetry ports. Connect the air radio to one side, and the OSD to the other. The OSD is a “listen only” device, so all the OSD needs is ground, +5 volts, and TX from the port to RX on the OSD.

Put your LED driver on the other telemetry port.

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minimOSD does not need to send, works fine Rx only. So, have it listen to the telemetry line