Need help with speed change and hold


Rover is set to curse at 2m/s totally ignores any Do change speed commands set at WP. I can set a speed to 1ms and its ignored. Any idea why?

I need the rover to pull up and stop at waypoint so it can collect a short 20 second video. The most likley command is loiter time. but I see it comes with implementation for flying systems and is either RH or LH circle. So it pulls up and enters a turn and does a LH or RH brody in the dirt (*skid steer system)…Ive been upset about that all day.

Which command can I use to get the rover to simply stop and wait for x amount of time say 10 to 20 seconds?



So what controls the hold circle diameter? Can I set this to zero so rover wont enter a hold circle during the loiter time?