Need help with Pozyx non GPS navigation Ground Testing

I am trying to follow the following article [Pozyx for Non-GPS Navigation — Copter documentation (Pozyx for Non-GPS Navigation — Copter documentation) for a school project up till the ground testing stage. I am at the process where I connect the autopilot (Pixhawk 4 mini) to Arduino and press the reset button to display the coordinates on the mission planner map. However, mission planner is not displaying the coordinates in the map despite the reset button being pressed and held. Id like to know how can I resolve this issue. Thanks

Did you do “set home here” on mission planner?

Not yet. How do I perform “set home here” ? Just to check ? Why do I need to set home when I entered the coordinates of my location during the device setup per tutorial ?

Also would not having a Radio Control remote attached to the setup interfere with the correct functioning of the ground test ?