Need help with Pixracer & X8R wiring

Noob needs help:
Cannot do calibrations in Mission Planner, suspect wiring between PixRacer and Rx. I have followed this suggested wiring:

PR FRS port to X8R Smart port
Blk to gnd
Red to plus
Grn/yel to sig (note tied together on X8R signal pin.)

PixRacer frimware = APM:Copter 3.4.2
Mission Planner firmware = 1.3.41
Taranis Tx firmware = 2.1.9, model X9D
Rx Model X8R (D=16, firmware unknown, early model)


  1. Has anyone successfully used this wiring setup?
  2. How would I wire up for S-Bus?
  3. How would various wiring schemes be tested off of the vehicle?

Thanks for your help

I have been using X8R for a long time and have no issues. You plug the wire from the DSM/Sbus port into the SBUS port on the X8R and your done. I also use the RSSI pin on the RSSI signal pin.

The Frysky port is for telemetry going back to the radio. I don’t use that so don’t know if that works.


Yes. Works perfectly, just do the wiring as suggested.

Thanks, guys. I got it.
Pixracer RCin is control and Fr’sky is telemetry.