Need help with PixHawk and ESC

Hi everyone.

I just purchased a PixHawk and I am putting it on my Trex700E with using the spectrum satellite on the Pixhawk and a Spektrum DX7s.

My question is: I have a ESC that has a built in governor that works well and want to keep it on the ESC. How would I hook my ESC up to the PixHawk. I do not need channel 8 as a throttle adjustment, right?

Any help would be appreciated.

If you are going to fly your copter at a large distance from your transmitter, I would not trust using the Spektrum Remote Satellite receiver as your main receiver.
I recommend that you get the new Spektrum AR7700 receiver and satellite receiver ( that outputs a PPM signal that can be used by the Pixhawk.

Ok, great. I just ordered one. I thought that might be the case with just a satellite receiver.

Now that I have the AR7700 coming how do I plug my ESC in that has a built in governor that I will use for one speed?

Thank you.

You still need to use Channel 8. You will send a signal from it to your ESC to tell it to run. I use a Castle 120 with a governor. Look at the Wiki for different RSC modes. H_RSC_MODE Parameter is what your looking for.
David R. Boulanger

Please, I need help. I have a Trex 700 with a YGE and I want to use the governor on it. I am at my wits end on how to get it to calibrate and change governor modes. In the drop down for the Rotor there is nothing there. Please see below. What and how do I calibrate the ESC? My YGE on governor mode runs off of percentage, so say 80 percent on the throttle is 1450 and 85 percent is 1520 for an example.