Need Help With Parameters Arduboat

I have Been fighting myself for a week trying to get parameters right and everything to work correctly and I cant. It’s a simple setup two bluerobtics ESCs With Thursters pixhawk with 3DR External compass using a futaba 7C. I would be willing to pay someone if they can help me get this thing going.

Can you post a .bin log?

I’m having issues with it going into auto mode it goes in but it goes the completely wrong way

It seems everything is a problem. Compass offsets, GPS number and HDOP, ATC Steering, Cruise Speed, Cruise Throttle, WP Radius, and on and on. Have you read the Wiki?

Have you tried Steering and Acro Mode?

I have done 100s of Quadcopters and i tuned them all the same . but i guess Rover is that much different ?