Need help with modifying code for new laser range finder


I’m building a Computer Vision based collision avoidance 3 Axis camera gimbal for boats that will utilize Ardupilot. Once I get it working I will make it available 100% open source.

I purchased a 3.5km laser range finder and a IR laser illuminator that uses serial bus to get range related data and zoom and focus control for the IR illuminator.

I’m looking to copy and modify any suitable existing laser range finder or opticl flow serial device to work with the LRF and IR illuminator.

Let me know if anyone is interested and could assist with this task.

I’ve attached the manual for the LRF and some other phots:

LW1012MU communication protocol (108.6 KB)

That manual doesnt really give any information just some physical dimensions but your probably best looking making a lua script to read the information from a serial port then write your calculated values to another serial port.

Sorry about that. I just uploaded the zipped .xls file that contains the correct file.

Is there more complete documentation on the LW1012MU? Your archive contains only the main parameters.