Need help - why Failsafe landing failed to engage?


here is the link to my logs.

I am setting new model and i think i did it in the same exact way as it was always done.
So, on bigger models i never liftof before i get solid link to GPS so i start in position hold with fence on.

On this smaller model i was testing pids so i flew on AltHold at minimal altitude, with lidar working - it was flawless and holding altitude fine.
I then decided to test radio failsafe and turned radio off. instead of landing drone continued to drift hlding altitude, so i had to throw a broom at it to bring it down - a nasty thing.

looking at logs i see it shows at the 23.5 point the message on ERR RADIO, that apparently follows with the “Land: mode change failed” - and this part I do not understand. what does it mean and why it refused to land?

Could anybody pls help? Is it a bug or an expected behavior? I really want this model to be able to land down in case of a failsafe if GPS is not there, as it is a small racer drone with GPS to be optional at all.

Thx in advance, Paul.