Need help understanding GPS comm protocol

About 6 years ago I purchased a DJI NAZA GPS/Compass unit to work with my LibroPilot/Revolution system. I never got it to work. Now I want to use it and would like to know about the comm protocol with this module. As I recall, some GPS modules use a NEMA protocol that is basically AXCII. I do not seem to be able to read data from this unit. When powered up, I have measured the baud rate to be 115200 baud. When connected to a terminal window, putty, what I mostly get is garbage, with a few readable characters. I cannot find any documentation on this GPS module. Maybe it is proprietary from DJI. I would like to use this GPS/compass on an upgraded ArduPilot system but I need to know if it is working properly. Perhaps there is some documentation of this device but I cannot find it. Thanks for any help.

Start here:

I would start by replacing that module with one supported by Ardupilot. The latest M10 can be had for $20 and they work fine.
What is it that is upgraded?

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Maybe upgrading is not the correct word to use. I made a LibrePilot/Revolution system about 87 years ago. I have become re-interested in drones again perhaps installing FPV and telemetry systems. So, I thought I would look at all of what I have and replace old stuff with newer. It seems that LibrePilot is old stuff and there is little communication on that topic. When I was using my old system, I never got the GPS to work. I want to be able to do the mission planner stuff that ArduPilot has. LibrePilot sort of had that capability but like I said I could not get it to work so I am going to restart. I will look at the M10 module. From whom??

I’ve got a couple of those old NAZA controllers and GPS modules taking up space in my junk drawers. I was able to get the GPS to work in inav, but not with Ardupilot. And now there’s enough cheap and reasonable GPS/compass modules on the market I’ve given up hope on ever using the NAZA ones again.

Flywoo. GM10 Pro V3. I bought one to test out and for a very cheap Module it works remarkably well. I have a bunch of others from Matek, if you want a more recognized brand, and they have been working well for some years. Like everything from Matek IMO.

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Do all of these GPS modules have a compass? Some mention the compass others don’t?

It looks like the GPS module should be mounted on a short pedestal above the electronics. Is this recommended? Do the modules come with the pedestal mount?

It seems there are two protocols, the NENA and the ubex. Does the FC know which one to use?

Some do, some don’t. You want one with a compass.
Yes, it’s a good idea to get some distance from the electronics, battery and current sources. Some come with a mount some don’t. You can buy a mount.
You don’t have to be concerned with the protocol if you buy a standard M8N or M10 module.

I am about to order a Flywoo GM10 Pro V3 .

I web pages shows this device laying on a persons finger. Is it really this small? Do I need to order an antenna?

It’s 25mm square and what you are looking at is the antenna.

gps module

Thst’s not a GM10 Pro V3 and no compass.

I ordered the pro version that is larger w compass.
I am looking forward to playing with it.

Perhaps someone with Revo board experience can confirm but to use an external compass you need to flash the -I2C version of firmware to get external I2C on the flexiport.