Need Help trex 450 and cc3d revo

hi there
Is there anyone with experience with cc3d revo board and arducopter.Recently purchased revo board and flashed it with heli firmware,currently i’m flying with trex 450 and apm board,heli flies fine but i wanna try revo board and newer firmware.Can i get help with all those parameters?

Can’t get external compass to work on revo,can somebody help?

Did you flash the stable release of copter? I believe that would be copter 3.6.10. If that’s the version you’re having difficulties with, then post your problem on the copter 3.6 forum. I would suggest posting it Here. That way it will get the right attention.

i did flash stable-3.6.9 and 3.6.10 but it still doesn’t work,i2c pins on revo are pins 9 and 10 on Flexi IO port right?

I don’t know anything about that. That is why I am telling you to post the issue on the forum I provided in my previous post.

I have a Crash log, but I can’t post it for help. Can anyone help me?
huge size OTC copter
Crash in seconds in stabilize mode

thank you so much! Excuse my poor English