Need help I with error code

I’m having an error coming up on every flight causing it to go to fail safe which I’ve got set as return to launch. I need help with error code I’m getting from log. I can’t seem to find an error code definition list online. In my log list index number 851 next column says 5 then next says 0. The graph just says error 1.0000. So confused as what number is the error code and what it means. Can I be direct as to how to read the error code and somewhere with definitions as to its meaning. I did check this … sing-logs/ page out but it doesn’t give a list of how codes look in data log or a full list of error codes. I’ve attached my data log of latest flight so someone smarter then me might be able to tell me where to start looking for the problem. Thank You.

This is Radio Failsafe because during the flight your transmitter for Channel 3 went to 900 which is below the failsafe value of 975.

Your configuration is missing from the log so can’t tell what your setup is or what your transmitter calibration is.


Thanks very much for the reply Mike. How did you figure out it was a channel 3 radio fail safe. I’d like to get a better understanding of how to read these errors so won’t bother forums for future problems.
Here is my set up: … ware_.html … W_CCW.html … ctors.html … BARO.html … rsion.html … 5Mhz.html … Mount.html … r_FPV.html … ouse_.html … ouse_.html … ouse_.html … PAL.html … _Pack.html … EBIDX%3AIT

I think my brain just turn to the on position lol. I think I get it now. The first number in first column corresponds to the sub system on this … sing-logs/ web page and next column is status of error (Ecode: 1 problem, Ecode: 0 problem resolved) When I first read the webpage I just read it and didn’t pay enough attention to the figures provided and if I had it’s all right there. I did configure the throttle fail safe with my radio but looks like I need to check it again, test wire from RX to APM for continuity, and test radio rang again after installing video transmitter.