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Need Help from he Gsoc 2019 mentors!

(Tumun Shaily) #1

hey !
i am going to join GSOC in this summer i have quite a experience in building drone (X8_X4) !
so here the problem i would like to put forward .
making a new option of - *Lost Mode * in mission planner.
while flying my drone over the field recently my drone’s one arm broke in its flight ! and i have attached GPS, and other things(arducopter,other ) but as it fall in place where long plants were there
so using GPS was of no use so finding it with my own eyes was really difficult as there no sign created by the drone when it was stuck. i tried arm pairing(just very short time) and all to have some sounds and use throttle for motor vibrations but they were of no use . i have almost lost all my investment in once.

so what if we have one lost mode in mission planner ?
it will have things like creating sounds(code using esc , etc.) for further option would love to discuss.

if any mentor of gsoc is ready to help me out and work as my mentor (if he finds its interesting thing to add !) in this it will be appreciated . my mail id

for languages i have know in python,c,c++,java ; tools - ardunio ide , etc

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #2

the best thing for any prospective GSoC student to do to maximise their chances of acceptance is to study the ArduPilot code related to the area they want to contribute in, and if possible make a contribution of some sort before the start of GSoC. For ArduPilot the biggest risk is getting a student who doesn’t have the required skills to make a contribution to the code that we can accept. If we know you have already contributed something then we can be a lot more confident in the application.

Don’t forget that GSOC isn’t a course with a dedicated teacher but a freelance work with the guidance of a mentor! You are numerous to ask for mentor contact but it shouldn’t matter who is the mentor. What is important is what contribution you will make to the project! And I insist : to the project. Mentor are from the dev team but ArduPilot got a big community and partner companies ! Construct your submission from the project and not from mentor profile