Need help for tuning a slow boat

Hi I have again a new boat to tune, this one is huge, with a motor, rudder and a sail wing (mast rotation).
The difficulty is I don’t have lot of range to connect mission planner to tune it.
Boats firmware don’t have autotune?

I attached 2 logs files, one with the sail mounted but the keel was not heavy enough and the boat capsized often.
But we can see the boat is oscilating around the path instead of going straight, maybe the wp overshoot was too low?

the second file was without the sail and I tried the speed of 0.5m/s which is the speed I actually want for this boat, but this time the boat didn’t folow the waypoints at all :

the files :

Thank you in advance for your help

Rover/boat does have Auto Tune. It’s Lua Script based.

Ok, I found it, needed to update the firmware to a beta version.
Waiting for calm weather to test it, thank you.