Need help for startup setup

Hello everyone,
First of all I apologies in advance if this topic is somewhat a duplicate.
But after reading so much, I still struggle to find a reliable source for me to start this interesting ardu pilot project.
My intention is to find list of hardware needed to assemble a drone copter based on pixhawk controller.
Where can I buy this controller and also the frame etc to build a copter drone.

My first focus is just to fly the drone, able to modify the code and load it again for the drone to fly according to the code changes I made.

And my budget is USD 1000 (if at all it is possible).

Thank you!


Its very easy. I am also a beginner. But seems easy guild. I am also struggling with some sensor issues. But our seniors in this group are so helpful. Every one helped a lot. As per my need i used to make a drone with these components.

U need.

  1. A frame(f450,s500,…) very easy to find.
  2. A flight controller(apm, pixhawk, kk…) mine is apm 2.8.
  3. 4-BLDC(kv means rotation per volt. 1000 means 1000/volt). I used a2212(best for entry level)
  4. 4-ESC which means electronic speed controller to controll the speed of your motor.
  5. 4- pair of Propeller blades.
  6. Lipo battery ( more mah means more capacity and c rating means more amp out put).
  7. A very great RC fly sky i6 is the best. It can be upgraded from 6 ch to 10 ch. And has telemetry feature.
  8. Ublox neo 6/7/8(as per your choice) gps with external compass. Should mount on a stand for optimal result.
  9. Power module which helps the flight controller to sense the voltage and current of the battery. It should be installed. Then only you can identify safety of your flight.
  10. Lipo charger. Don’t go for cheapest it will kill your battery slowly.
  11. A pc or a laptop with Mission planner software.


  1. Telemetry
  2. Camera
  3. Osd
  4. Video transmitter and receiver.

Finally need allen keys, player, double sided tape(3m), wire ties, soldering iron and components, tweezers, wire stripper.

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Thank you so much @virsavp, just what I need, do you mind to let me know where you buy those components? Basically I just need a trusted and verified resource.