Need Help For Making Quadcopter

Hello guys!!

My self mohanish n I’m from India I’m trying to built new quadcopter for my arial video shoot for this I was bubu parts for that here’s the detail below

Features :
Tried and tested combination of frame, motors, esc, propellers, flight controller, radio, battery etc.
Gyro + Accelerometer + Magnetometer IMU for full control, Onboard dataflash for logging, GPS included, Google maps waypoint navigation, Auto landing and take off.
Includes long range 9 channel 2.4 GHz radio, battery and charger
Flight time upto 10 minutes (more with battery upgrade to 4400mah)
Various modes for manual, autonomous and semi-autonomous control
CNC Drilled plate for prefect mounting of flight controller
Stabilized brushless gimbal for mounting small size HD cameras
Supports fully autonomous flights and FPV
Awesome features packed in small size

This Quadcopter Includes:

01 Ardupilot Mega 2.6 Flight Controller
02 APM uBlox GPS with Compass Kit
03 APM Power Module with XT60 Connector
04 R450 Quadrotor Frame with integraed PCB for easy wiring
05 30A Brushless ESC with SimonK firmware for multirotors
06 Multirotor Motor 950KV with 1045 Propeller Pair
07 Lithium Polymer ( Li-Po) Rechargeable Battery 11.1V 2200mAH 20C
08 FlySky TH9X 9Ch TX & 8Ch RX 3Km Range
09 Flight controller Anti vibration Kit for Multirotors
10 Gimbal
11 433MHz Telemetry module pair 2km range compatilbe with Ardupilot
12 APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1
13 Camera
14 Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mW Video Tx + Rx 1Km Range FPV (TS351+RC305)
15 Li-Ion / Li-Po Intelligent Fast Charger for 2-3 Cell Battery
16 SMPS Supply 12V 1A

Now I need to know that how to configure this all parts so that it will full fill my requirement frankly Speke I really no idea how to configer this stuff

I need a help for this please any one teach me for this and send me the step by step procedure for this

Send images so that it will easy to understand

Please all r requested to help ASAP.

Well if you bought all of that you must have used Google to find the bits. Its not hard, follow the instructions here and use Google when stuck

Thanks For Reply buddy!

I was seen that and also Google it . i know how to connect all parts but i don’t understand that in APM Software only Configuring is required ro need to program it? (Program like Ardino Boards)

I Think here only need to configure calibrate it if i’m not wrong

You don’t need to program it, just follow the instructions very carefully and you will be OK.

oky Thanks!!

one more Question that which Software i need to download?



APM Planner???

I’m new on the forum, hello everyone!
Supply 12V 1A SMPS why there are in the list ?. I would like to learn.
Thanks in advance

Supply 12V is for power supply the “Li-Ion / Li-Po Intelligent Fast Charger for 2-3 Cell Battery”.