Need help crash log review of a giant T-28 Trojan

I need help to diagnose the log file ( of a gracefully flying T-28 Trojan ( Previous week video:
We have been flying this plane with Matek F765-Wing running 4.0.9 FW and had no issues thus far, but all of a sudden it lost control rolled over and plunged into the ground.

The only change we made before the last flight was installing a 2nd camera (RunCam 2 HD) and we tested the switch between the two cameras on the ground and did not notice any issue. The loss of control happened approximately 1.5 seconds after switching to RunCam.

I am also trying to find log-event when the camera was switched from 1 to 2. Where will I find this value? I would imagine this would be a PWM input out put signal.

RCIN.C10 changes its state from ~1000 to ~2000 (low to high) just before everything went bad, but I can’t tie it to anything.

I would suggest looking to a mechanical or external problem because the demanded pitch and roll are pretty calm, until it’s apparent that the FC needs to “recover” the plane. There is a sudden pitch up and roll all at the same time, but the demanded pitch and roll are still requesting straight and level.

Thanks Allister. Ch10 is tie to the 2nd camera. Problem started when we switch main camera in the cockpit to the RunCam 4K at the belly.
I am suspecting mechanical failure like servo or linkage. I also have gone thru the log and can’t find anything that would indicate FC or fw.

As a spotter, I notice plane pitched up bank to the right and stall to the ground (nose first).