Need help connecting to Parrot Bebop

Does anyone know how to connect to and control the Parrot Bebop like done here, … autopilot/ ? I’ve tried connecting using the Windows version of Mission Planner 2.0.18. Before I connect the USB, COM 1 is there but no actual device is recognized. I’ve been trying to go the Ubuntu route as well but am having issues with my software-center not responding. I’m a newb with all of this to include Ubuntu so any help would be greatly appreciated.

My overarching goal is to try getting an interface going where I will be able to send directional velocities from LabVIEW using a VICON imaging system as my global coordinate system. But first things first, how can I manually control the Bebop?

Can you re-post this on This is more of a developer question. Maybe include a title like, “Attempting to get Ardupilot running on Bebop” so that it gets through the moderators.

We haven’t produced a wiki page which explains how to get ardupilot running on the bebop. We could take this opportunity to put that together and/or JulienB from parrot can help you. The tricky bit is that there’s a special usb cable that you’ll need for the first upload. We will either tell you how to hack that together or perhaps send you one. They’re a rare item though.

I’m going to close this item if that’s ok.

I can help you if you want. Please ping me on gitter.