Need Help Arming without Connecting to pc

I’ve made a hexa drone using apm2.8,turnigy 9X and RF9X module transmitter and reciever some 3 years ago. It was working fine untill the trasmitter got toasted. I changed the transmitter to fs-ct6b and fs-r6b reciever. The issue is, the drone arms using transmitter when connected to pc (Mission Planner) when I lower the throttle and move it right, but doesnt arm via transmitter when disconnected from pc. I’ve attached external servo with transmitter which rotates meaning the transmitter reciever is working fine. What setting am i missing, please help.

It may be a gcs failsafe. However, the firmware running on the apm 2.8 is so old I doubt anybody remembers enough to help you.


sorry for late reply, I had an exam. Basically, I tracked the issue. When connected to pc via usb cable, the radio transmitter and reciever works fine but as soon as I disconnect the usb cable, the radio stops responding. I have a wifi telemetry (ESP8266 based) attached with my APM. When i connected the drone to pc via wifi, I was able to find out the althought the transmitter and reciever were linked to each other, the APM was showing it as not present.
image_2024-06-18_111044834. Can you guide me as to how should I try to solve this. The Drone ARMS perfectly via the the APP but I need RC for manual control

Check the wiring.
Check that the receiver has power.
Dig in the archives.

Probably in that order

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Thank you, the issue was power. solved it. The receiver was getting power from APM but maybe the power was low. I gave receiver external 5v، made the ground common and it worked.