Need help, 3D Robotics quad with pixhawk pitch on takeoff?

Hello all, newbie here. I just built my first quadcopter (3D robotics quadcopter kit with pixhawk GPS) It flys however during takeoff it pitches nose up / rear down. If I compensate I can take off and go from there. But shouldn’t it lift off level and hover when throttle is applied? If this is a tuning issue please help with settings recommendations. I use APM Planner 2.0 with all latest updates.( Mac) Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank You in advance!!

I would fly it for a while before you start fiddling, sounds ok to me. Unless you are taking off on a billiard table flat surface the aircraft will have to head somewhere first and you need to react. Also if you hang around close to the surface the cushion of air underneath you will bounce you about as well. Too often folks think things are wrong before gaining experience and then tune their machines inappropriately. Auto flights should compensate at take off but don’t fly those until you can fly your quad in manual and recognize when the flight picture does not fit.

You were absolutely correct!! It seemed to correct itself after a few flights. Now just trying to figure all this out. (APM Planner and all those settings!) WOW!!! It’s like trying to speak a different language! I’m sure glad the people here are so willing to help, because I’m going to need some. Thanks all!

You can try running autotune (no gimbal or loose mass, minimum payload)