Need developer for PixHawk fw

I need some minor changes to PixHawk fw,

#1. Need BOOST mode fully operational. (Feed scaled internal THROTTLE signal to an output as a PWM signal).
#2. Need internal THROTTLE signal “disconnected” from output servo pins and replaced by a user-selectable fixed variable.

Best contact method is

Boost mode works fine for me on 3.6rc7 Boosted Tricopter Build

Not sure exactly what you mean for number 2, you can set the servo output to rc passthrough or just set the min and max to the same value then it will just be a fixed throttle once armed. Do you mean to be able to ‘lock’ the throttle in flight?

I can’t get boost to work on 3.6RC10 when set for a quad X. As I mentioned, I can set SERVO5 output to option ‘81’ and it works - until I reboot the FC. Then SERVO5 has no output until I set SERVO5 to something OTHER than ‘81’ and then set it back to ‘81’. It then works until I reboot. Currently, the internal throttle signal is mixed with the balance information and sent out the servos. I say “internal throttle” because in many modes (AUTO,ALT HOLD, POS HOLD etc) the throttle signal is generated internally, while in STAB mode, it comes from the user. I want that internal throttle signal to be fed out SERVO5, but not sent on to SERVO1-4. Instead, I want a fixed value to be used in place of the throttle signal for those servos. So SERVO5 will output a signal of 1000-2000 uSec pulses depending on the internal throttle, but SERVO1-4 will output a fixed value (say 1500uSec +/- the balance signals). Charles Linquist

Not sure about the boost stuff, are have you tested both chibiOS and nuttx? and i guess a different flight controller too, changing it to a different output may also change something.

I think i understand what you mean. The ‘stabilization’ motors would be fixed at a average throttle of 50% such that they have maximum available control power. The throttle would therefor only effect the boost motor?

I think i could do that, although I would have to have a read through the code to be sure, no idea about the boost stuff tho

You are right in your interpretation. I have tried both chibiOS and nuttx. I’m using a Pixhawk(1) , not a CUBE.

Check my PM to you.

Hello Pete,

I am looking to fly a olane 1500 miles nonstop from point A to point B. What would you recommend? I am a newbie.

I would recommend getting something cheap to play with first, 1500 miles is a long way, its guna need to be a big plane. 3 or 4m wingspan at least i should think. Depends on what your payload its going to be. Where are you planing to do it? There will be loads of red tape.

Hey Peter thanks for your response,

I want to film the coastline from Ecuador to Chile, is about 1500 miles, nonstop. First of all, know is possible, but what is the best option? Gas, solar or hybrid? The payload out of gas if I were to use gas is around 2.5 kg.

What do you mean by red tapes?


paperwork, would be here in the UK anyway.

gas defiantly

Do you have to do it all in one go? I’m not sure you could do 1500 in daylight, certainty not there and back.

Oh theres no problem on red tapes here haha

You meant gas defiantly or definetely?

Yes 1500 miles on one go, one way nonstop. Of what iv researched theres a record of some guys flew a gas rc plane from ireland to canada, 1888 miles over the Atlantic. With 2 liters of gas

Hey Matt thanks for responding. It has to be a UAV. Nothing out of the ordinary, just get from point A to point B.

Thanks the 2003 record. They flew 1888 miles nonstop

sure, but a with tail wind and no camera. definitely gas.

How possible do you see it Pete?

Software/autopilot wise, how difficult you think it could be? Or what would the biggest challenge be?

the code can do this no problem, the issue is with the airframe. It wont be cheap.

Peter you have an email I can contact you? Or some kind of contact?

you can dm on here, I also wont be cheap :wink: or not free anyway for private consultations.

Definetly haha as long as we understand each other, no prob. I am trying to find the DM button, can you send me a dm to see where it pops up please

Quite interesting, I think I have some bit of knowledge on it, but unfortunately there is no dm button to contact you. I have also developed the idea and share it as essay with outline example that helps in practicing much on it.