Need crash forensics - I think TKOFF_TIMEOUT param and windy day to blame

I don’t have much experience with looking at flight logs, but I crashed my flying wing on autotake-off (in AUTO mission mode). I have flown this plane before without any issues. However, this day was windy and I was not using the airspeed sensor. The plane is an electric glider so it cruises at 9 m/s. The wind could have been 4-5m/s. I suspect that I took off (into the wind) and the plane did NOT reach 4m/s GPS speed within 4seconds because TKOFF_TIMEOUT parameter was set to 4secs. How do I look in the logs to findout if this condition was triggered?

Thank you for any help or advice on this.

log bin file:

this log file has multiple take-offs because after the crash, I was testing the plane in my hand to see if the take-off hand launch was being detected or not. The plane was not being released from my hand in these post crash tests.