Need Connecter Information - Pixhawk 4 GPS

Hi All

Please refer the below photos fir better clarification. My GPS couldn’t survived a hard crash and all of its wire came out of the device. Upon close inspection I found that its the connecter which is broken now.
The 10 pin connecter seems like JST connecter but is of very small size and I am unable to find it in local market.
Someone please suggest me what to replace it with or what is the exact name so that I search for it offline or online.

Soldering the wires directly on the points is the last option prior to new purchase.

The chip is Holybro HG C05 v1.5, Pixhawk 4 GPS.

This guide may be helpful:


Thanks Yuri… I have got the replacement part. I have made the connections using schematic diagram for the chip but unfortunately its not working. Maybe something shorted or broken in accent or during soldering.