Need APM 2.6 pin assignments

I need to control 4 separate servo motors, an LED, and a DC motor controller using digital pins on an APM 2.6 board. However, I have no idea where to find the assignments for which digital pins are already in use. I checked the defintions and configuration files but didn’t find anything resembling a general block of pin out assignments. It also seems that the servos only respond to servo events; is there a way to just directly send values to them from inside one of the user_code loops?

The best I could find was instructions for how to use mission planner to control servos using analog pins 10 and 11, however that won’t help as I need to control more than 2 servos and other devices as well.

Where can I find this? Also perhaps a diagram mapping the APM 2.6 pins to the Arduino digital pins?

Am confused, this was posted to section 3.1 with title “3.1.2 - Pin out definitions”,
why has it been move to misc. with title “maricruzserle”?

If you are familiar with Eagle, the schematic files are available for viewing on the following page:

If running Copter, only two ‘extra’ servos are supported for the pan/tilt camera option. The other PWM drives are for ESC/motors.
If running Plane, multiple servos are driven for the control surfaces.