Need a 6ch receiver recommendation

My orange dsm2 receiver is cheap and not PPM compatible and rather than spend the $25 for a converter I’d rather just buy a better receiver.

I’m having trouble finding anything that will work with my Spectrum DX6i transmitter that has PPM capabilities.

I’d prefer not to add another piece of electronic in the chain from the receiver to my Pixhawk so if anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it.

I’m using this one, with the FrSky JR Transmitter Module. Not sure if there is anything for Spektrum. … etry_.html

maybe you can build this into your transmitter: … odule.html

Any idea if this will work with the Pixhawk?

Lemon DSM2 Spektrum Compatible 6-Channel Receiver (PPM + UART):


I’m using a OrangeRX receiver and my radio is a Spektrum DX9.

My receiver is this … rt_Rx.html

and it has a SBus output which I connect to RCIN on a PixHawk

Another receiver that apparently also works because it has SBus output, and is referred on PixHawk site is this … sion_.html