Navio2 with M8Q-5883 external GPS+Compass setup issue

I use the arduplane 4.0.5 firmware on large scale plane with affordable project budget.
Unfortunately isn’t have enough space between Navio2 and high current cables which is affect the Compass accuracy, also in some case I always have (blinking) “Unhealthy GPS signal” error however I have HDOP 0,7 with 15-16 satellites.
I decided to add a new GPS and Compass module, far away (40cm - 50cm) from the cables and the Navio2 board.
I planned to use the Navio2’s I2C and UART (while I send Telemetry data via 4G USB modem) connectors to connect the M8Q-5883 module’s Compass, GPS.
Compass successfully installed, it’s fully working, but I’m not able to connect the GPS over the UART connector, the Navio2 board can not communicate with it.
Already tried to change multiple baud rate on both (Navio2 + M8Q-5883 GPS) side without any success.
I tried to set GPS_TYPE2 as AUTO, uBlox also I tried to turn off the first GPS use only the second GPS, set GPS_AUTO_SWITCH to Disabled, UseBest, GPS_GNSS_MODE2 65, GPS_RATE_MS2 100 (with
high baud rate), 200, but without success.
Of course I checked the GPS module with u-center software and it’s working fine.

At this point I have no idea “why” don’t want to work, probably I missed some documentation about this problem.

I wouldn’t be wasting my time on Navio2.
I used to be very active on their forum as well as some others who are now on here.
The Navio2 appears to have some internal issues whereby GPS signal (actual data from GPS unit) is at times simply ignored. I’ve tried a second GPS for added safety, yet still same issue.

I had some crashes because of all that and destroyed a rather expensive and relative new drone. All caused by an initial GPS glitch followed by an apparent IMU related failure, yet data confirms no problem on GPS or IMU side. - Data was simply ignored. :frowning_face:

If you do some research you will find others had the same problem and eventually gave up in the Navio2 board. There are also various reports on the Emlid forum regarding this exact problem.

Been using a new FC for past 7 months and despite many flights not one single glitch or problem mid-flight. :grinning:
( …and been using the second GPS unit I had on the Navio2,…no problem = confirms problem was with Navio2)

In the spirit of helping out:
You need to change settings in the “etc/default/arducopter” file and activate the second GPS by assigning appropriate baudrate and channel.
More Here:

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Thank you very much, great help however bad news. :thinking: