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Navio2 ,raspberry help

(Manuel Costa Moreira) #1

good afternoon, I came here to ask for help for my Navio2.
I have a raspberry pi B, and a Navio2 control board.
I already downloaded the image,
I tried to follow the setup instructions but I don’t have much experience in linux I was unsuccessful, I was asking if any colleague has an image already mounted for Raspeberry with Quadcopter that could share with me already configured, thank you

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #2


The image from Emlid is already configured, and if you follow their install it’s quite easy.

What exactly is the Raspberry Pi you’re using ? 2? 3? 4?


(Manuel Costa Moreira) #3

Olá Luís Vale, muito obrigado por me ter respondido.
Eu já descarreguei essa imagem, tentei seguir as intrusões em que se fala-se de muita coisa, este e o Raspberry pi 3 B que eu tenho, mas eu em Linux tenho pouca experiência, como tinha visto nas instruções que a imagem se encontra vem predefinida.
Se algum tivesse essa imagem já programada queira partilha-la comigo ficava muito agradecido.

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #4

Let’s keep it in English. And from the docs here:

ok, So you download the image file from Emlid, and you use a software like Etcher to write that file to a microSD card. This is what you were asking?

From now, you can connect the RaspberryPi to a monitor/TV and use a mouse and keyboard to configure the running software.

The Emlid image allows you to switch between different vehicles easily.

Just type

sudo emlidtool ardupilot

and you have a menu system to change the vehicle type, how it starts, etc…

(Manuel Costa Moreira) #5

Ok, how I did it I don’t know. I realized I was working with a wrong image on raspberry.
I already uploaded a new image for the raspberry 3 B, now I have a very deferent monitor presentation I can work on the ship2 configuration, thanks for the help.