Navigation speed in auto mode


I am a bit confused, I am trying to change the navigation speed for my 3DR Y6 on pixhawk and when I go to this page
Everything is super clear… Except that is not the screen I have on mission planner (V1.3.5) and even when I was in V 1.2, I don’t recall having this exact screen.

Instead of the menu “APM Copter pid” on the left I have “Extended tuning” and instead of having “WPNav (cm’s)” on the right with understandable options, I have “Nav WP” with P I D settings, IMAX and m/s (which doesn’t say if it is vertical, horizontal or both)

I suppose there is some option to change the way the information is shown or something?

Could someone please help me find the way to modify easilly the horizontal speed in a unit I can understand?
Since I use mission planner for a year and a half now, maybe the interface didn’t update correctly and maybe I see an old version of the screen layout?

Thank you very much for any help

PS : I found this discussion, do I have to modify the navigation speed in the full list parameters? Will it affect the loiter behaviour?!topic … nMZmMPC-20

I changed WPNAV_SPEED in the full parameters list and it worked but I am still wondering why the layout is different and I can’t change the speed easily.