Navigation Lights board


I’m currently working on a board to drive (4) 3W Leds for my Quad.
The prototype is capable at this time to:

  • Can be powered by 3s to 6s batteries.
  • Attiny 84 drives leds… according to firmware on it.

Phase 2 would be to Parse MavLink Messages…
this is where I need help for the firmware.
A connector (the yellow one) can be hook up just like a OSD, in order to sniff MavLink messages.

Not sure if my project make sense…
But the sources are here:
Please tell me if you find any problems with my GitHub… I’m learning to use it.

Thanks All. I’m having FUN,
Hoping to have DIYers inspiring discussions here.


planning to swap the Attiny84 for a atmega328PB

I have done this project using a different chip and less hardware:

needed more hardware to drive 4x 3watts leds. The ws2812 draw only 20mA. Nice project iseries. will sure take a look at your code for Mavlink decoding.

AtMega328PB now replace AtTiny84.

Your board is looking good.
How are you coming along with the MavLink connection.
This is the sort of thing I have been looking for to drive the Cree’s on the Octo’s I build (and any other using Pix* controllers).
Are you going to sell them?

Thank you Mike. Making the board remember me the time I spent in the black room when I was a kid. The board is 1 side so some jumpers are needed… and don’t show on the picture :slight_smile: .Regarding the Mavlink decoding. I don’t want re-inventing the wheel regarding the coding… but I just can’t figure out how to re-use code written in the APM repositories for mavlink decoding. I tried by looking at the MinimOSD, … and others… but, I still don’t get it. But since I just need to decode some messages (GPS Status, Current Mode, Arm/DisArm, etc…) I think I will write my own code. The firmware is messy at this time,will add to GIT as soon as possible. No I will not sell the thing. My only intention is to share it.