Nasty crash copter 3.53

Loaded a mission onto ph1 and took off in auto mode.everything was working fine.THEN,all hell broke loose the copter was going all over the place and finally crashed onto my roof.I have include a link to my dropbox with .bin file.
Can anyone take a look and see just what happened.

Can’t get to the log. Try sharing the file…

How do I share the file.Can I have your email?

That link sent me to log in to my own dropbox.Hit the share button to get the link for the file.

Can you try again? I am new to dropbox.I clicked on share and added your name.Let me know if it works.

Can You try again? I am new to dropbox.When I click on share it ask for an email.

Sorry, I don’t share my email.

If you have Windows, use One Drive.

By default you will have at least 2 folders, Pictures and Documents. You can put the log file in either folder. Right click on the file, select Share and One Drive will say the link to your file is ready. At that point you copy the link and then paste it into your reply. We can see the link and when one of us clicks on it we go directly to the file and download it.

Here is the drive link:!AgoKDgXG8gzBavaZB-nXBXJQ7-c

Here is the link to the bin file…!AgoKDgXG8gzBavaZB-nXBXJQ7-c

That looks like motor #2 (or ESC) failure mid-air.

Why do you say motor 2?

Well, your log does show altitude lost, but the desired climb rate is positive same time. So flight controller saw the copter is falling and it tried to stop that.
Next, look at RCOUT #2 and you’ll see FC required 100% power to that motor. This usually because that motor didn’t provided any thrust.

You might be onto something. I will check that esc and motor after work today.
Thanks for your reply…

Motor #2 Bearings failed. Changed motor Flew well after.
Thanks for all of the input.Especially Sergey…