Nano Goblin VTOL project, help/advice needed


Just getting acquainted with Ardupilot and have hit a few stumbling blocks.
First, the setup:
Arduplane 3.9.6
Strix Nano Goblin (580mm wingspan)
Matek F405 Wing
Spedix 45A plane esc
Racerstar 35A 4-in-1 esc for the quad motors
PUAV 1306 3350kv motors for quad
Cobra 1407 3500kv motor for plane
TBS Crossfire rx
TBS Unify HV 5.8ghz vtx
Runcam Owl v2 flight cam
Tattu 1050mah 4S lipo

Quad is set to H frame type, I designed the connecting bits in Fusion360 and printed them on an Ender3. The plane hovers but is still a bit squirrelly.

Need to run autotune, so here’s problem 1:
The Q_AUTOTUNE parameters don’t show up for me in the full list. I set Mode 6 to “22” per the instructions here: QAUTOTUNE - VTOL autotune for quadplanes . In the Flight Mode tab, Mode 6 is blank in its dropdown. In full param list there are no Q_AUTOTUNE options. Wondering if I should just load Arducopter, tune, then transfer the PIDs to the quadplane profile.

Problem 2: everything works properly except roll on the elevon servos is reversed. The radio sticks move the quad properly in every direction. Stabilize moves the quad correctly as well. Stabilize moves the plane servos in the correction direction in both pitch and roll, all good there. BUT, when moving the radio sticks, roll is reversed in the servos. Pitch moves as it should. I’ve tried every combo of reversing the channel in the radio and the FC but can’t get EVERYTHING to react properly. Just roll is off. So frustrating as it’s sooo close to being ready to maiden.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



If only elevon roll is reversed, change SERVOx_FUNCTION. Make your right elevon your left and vice versa. Then start chasing the reversal through the system again, and it should work out. Sometimes they have to be set to the “wrong side” depending where your servos are mounted. The same thing happens with flaperons, it feels like you’re going in circles flipping this and that…

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watching with a very lot of interest great project

Nice project !
Idea of weight ?

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Super porky. Right around 490g (typical weight for this aircraft is 250g). I’ve read of other folks using this plane to set distance records, usually flying in the 450g range. I’m hoping it’ll do okay. I’m not expecting stellar results, this was more of a project for me to get acquainted with Ardu, VTOLs, and 3D modeling/printing.


You’ve probably tried swapping around the two servo leads to the channels they were plugged in to during this process. If not, give that a try.

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Thanks. I ended up needing to reverse a channel in the radio, then rerun the tx calibration in MP. Moves as it should now.


Hi Justin im going to try this project well done you,could you please put A photo of the rear of the nano goblin up please and what material did you use for the arms and what length please also what motor mounts I will be using tigre F20 1407’s by 3750 kv as I have them here,really great project thanks for sharing like you will be using crossfire,matek F405 wing controller and not sure about 4 in 1 esc

Cool Project! I’m going to eventually try this with my nano or regular goblin.

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Thanks. 3D files are here:

thank you Justin will get them ordered and keep you posted