My Vtol Plane is Cant Make Straight Line Between 2 Waypoints, Doing Slalom

Hİ ı use 4.2.3 fw on my very big quadplane, plane is flying very good but when 1 give waypoint mission my plane always turn left and right between waypoints

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There are many potential reasons why your airplane does this:

  1. Have you tuned roll/pitch control?
  2. Have you tuned the TECS system?
  3. Have you tuned the navigation controller? NAVL1_PERIOD might be too low.
  4. You may have WP_RADIUS set too small for your airplane.
  5. You may be placing your waypoints too close for the turn radius of your airplane

It is imperative that you properly tune the internal control loops (roll, pitch, yaw, throttle) before tuning the outer control loops (navigation). Follow the Wiki step-by-step instructions for each and you should end up with a reasonable flying airplane that navigates fairly well. Good luck!

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there is my logs, please can you check is you avaible, also end of the auto mission my plane get into the rtl mode for qrtl, but when get in the rtl gain altitude to 80 meter from 40 meter and open the vtol motors so get into the ossilation, ı dont figure out why start to climb can you look that please so many thanks

I think you should take the advice that @pbrown gave you. The pitch and roll performance could benefit greatly from tuning. It appears that the values are all default.

thanks much for answer, is autotune works?

Hi,i have this problem either, i tried to solve it by increasing the L1 period,it is going bether.but not completely.have you solved this issue?
My wing span is 390 cm