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My version of onboard oled display for arducopter 3.4

(mike kelly) #41

Love the display!

(Joe Breznai) #42

do we need a breakout board for PixRacer to connect the display, or can I just parallel the connections from the PixRacer to the +,- and i2c lines to connect? Works OK on Bench but not sure about those breakout boards being anything other than a group of sockets connected in parallel to the i2c bus.


(mfbs17) #43

I have tried the DIY Oled on pixhawk 2.1 and IT doesn’t work but it works fine on pixhawk.

(Dmitry Prokhorov) #44

Hi, probably you need to connect it to another I2C bus on PH2.1. There isn’t implemented yet a bus number parameter for display.

(mfbs17) #45

I have also tried it on GPS 2(I2C).No luck.

(Alexey Kozin) #46

Hi. Needs to change row function. I try todo it
10 дек. 2016 г. 6:56 PM пользователь “mike kelly” <> написал:

(Andrew) #47

I can confirm this works with the Waveshare 1.3" OLED module with configurable interfaces:

It supports 3- and 4-pin SPI, and I2C, and is apparently ok with 5V supply. To configure the module for I2C you have to move a soldered jumper on the back, tie CS and D/C low, and tie RES high. It is an SH1106 module, so set NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE to 2.

(cala2) #48

Nice work, It´s possible to change data to display? Eg. add rpm info for a nitro plane? Thank´s