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My version of onboard oled display for arducopter 3.4

(mike kelly) #21

Thank you for your reply Dmitry. I think this is an important feature for everyday use. It is frustrating not to be able to use it since it is working! But I understand it is the holidays and everyone works hard in the Ardupilot community. I hope it will be available soon.

Thank you very much for your efforts!!

(John DeVere) #22

I would so love to have this working! I gave up on it myself, months ago… at the moment, I can’t think of anything I’d rather have than this.

(Lance Brummett) #23

I’ve made a holder for .96in blue and yellow display from DIYmall that can be 3D printed. I think they’re pretty much the same dimensions.

.96in oled holder

I have it mounted on the arm of my copter. Modify as you wish.

(Enrico Mangosio) #24

It would be nice to have some simple test procedure, in the examples directory…

(Dmitry Prokhorov) #25

Hi Enrico, what exactly do you mean as test procedure?

(Dmitry Prokhorov) #26

Here is a little good news :slight_smile: It seems OLED feature has been planned for 3.5.0-rc1 milestone.

(Dmitry Prokhorov) #27

Hello Lance, wouldn’t you mind to publish your OLED holder .stl file on Thank you very much for your contribution!

(Lance Brummett) #28

Done :slight_smile:

.96 oled holder

(needed 20 characters)

(Dmitry Prokhorov) #29

It seems today it has been merged into master branch. So waiting it to be included in 3.5.0-rc1

(Mike Boland) #30

Already have some boards and waiting to use them.

(rmackay9) #31

@dipspb, @Alexey_Kozin, thanks very much for the code contribution!

I’ve created a wiki page here:

All feedback welcome!

(Dmitry Prokhorov) #32

@rmackay9 , thank you very much for you assistance and support!

It seems we can make adafruid OLED module ( work with this driver.
It is needed to close SJ1/SJ2 jumpers and connect DC/SA0 pin to GND pin as it shown here:

Would you be so kind to check it once more? In case of success we can add this to wiki page.

(rmackay9) #33

I guess adding that jumper wire makes it use the I2C address of 0x3C? So the screen does come on but it’s almost always displaying just a lot of dots. My guess is that some messages aren’t getting through, perhaps during the initial config… but that’s a guess. Just once the screen did display correctly… it seemed like that was the first time after I added the jumper but of course, that doesn’t make sense.

(rmackay9) #34

We successfully tested the aliexpress screen on the pixracer though by the way. there was no reason to think it wouldn’t work of course.

(Dmitry Prokhorov) #35

Hello Randy,

Thank you for one more attempt with adafruit module. Yes, connection of SA0 pin to GND makes it use the address of 0x3C. Closing of both SJ1/SJ2 is needed to select i2c mode. I’m going to order module from adafruit to resolve the issue.


(mike kelly) #36

Thanks so much to everyone for making this happen!! Works great for me with 3.5rc1.

(John DeVere) #37

$3 and painless: this will be the #1 must-have on your Pixhawk! (cost me exactly $3 incl shipping on eBay) #WOOB

Only a few minor issues you are probably already aware of… e.g. the sats:70 in the photo. (After displaying a value of 10, then dropping to 7)

(Noircogi) #38

Has this code been merged into the plane firmware yet?

(rmackay9) #39

@devere, ok, I’ve added that the display issue to the to-fix list.

@Noircogi, it was implemented for copter, plane, rover and even antenna tracker all at the same time as copter but I don’t think plane and rover have done a release since then. certainly it’ll be in their next release.

(Lance Brummett) #40

1.3" Oled mount 3D model

DIYMall 1.3" OLED Mount

Edit - Link to product:

DIYMall 1.3" Oled