MY Vectored Thrust of outboard ,building!

BCS the servo just has a small turning degrees。so i am plan to make a another ways to turn it arond, anyone can help me to design?

Do not use two arms to connect the servo and the outboarder, if the servo arm and the fixing on the outboarder do not have the same length/diameter. The geometry does not work that way. It will bend/strain the parts.
To get more movement range, make the servo arm longer.

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Interesting, I wanted to do something similar for kayaking. What components are you using? Thanks

ok,thank you, got it!

A outboard brushed motor of 55IB ,and then ,i use a brushed esc of hobbywiny brushed 1080.

What kind of servo are you using? Kg? Autopilot? Pixhawk? Thanks :slight_smile:

i use a F4 run PIX,and servo i think over 20kg is ok, i just testing. it it can work ,i want to use gears to control the orientation

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