My telemetry radios are not communicating

Hello all! I have a pair of telemetry radios that for some reason are not communicating. I know that they’re on the same net id because about a year ago I had ordered these and they worked perfectly and saw that they were on the same net id of 25. But now, the ground side one is blinking green. I guess it doesn’t see the other radio? I have the air radio connected to the telem port of my apm 2.8 (yes I know it’s old). I power up both radios and they don’t see each other. I also tried loading the settings from the radios through APM Planner 2, the ground radio succeeded, however, the air radio failed.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi ,

Just connect them with some kind of USB-Serial connector one by one to your PC . Go to Sik Radio in Mission planner and load the settings of air and ground after each other and give them the same settings.

In this way i was able to bring 2 pairs back alive .

Good luck !