My Tattu motor test by MQTB

I’m great to be a lucky man to get 2 sets free Tattu motors and I send one set motors to Miniquadtestbench to test.
And I show the result of the motor test here.
Motor info:

  • Tested KV: 2390kv
  • Weight: 29.7g
  • Stator W: 23mm
  • Stator H: 5mm

Test Environment:

  • XRotor 40A ESC
  • Timing: Med-high
  • Dither: 7
  • PWM: Damped Light
  • Venom 60A Power Supply
  • 2Farad Caps x2 in Series
  • Custom Datalogger
  • TI TivaC Launchpad
  • Allegro ACS758-200B
  • Voltage Divider
  • EagleTree eRPM Sensor
  • Custom Thrust Stand w/ HX711
  • 4 ms logging rate
  • Atmospheric Data (Typical)
  • Barometric pressure: 29-30 in
  • Ambient Temperature: 70-74 deg F
  • Humidity: 50-60%


The results here are reflective of the middle ground this motor seems to occupy; very solid performance, especially for the smaller stator size and conservative kV. The kV tested a tad lower than advertised coming in around 2390kv. One of the most noticable things about these results is the relatively flat performance across the range of props, only showing about 100g difference between the lighter 5″ props and the heaviest 5″ props. This is indicative of the larger air gap and shorter stator, where the lower torque loaded props respond well to the kV and the heavier loaded props bog the motor down a bit. That being said the performance here is very comfortably in the middle range, easily clearling 1300g on the mid to heavy load props, and staying around the 1200g mark even on the light props. It is also interesting to note that this motor barely got out of the low 30A range even on the heaviest props. It seems clear this motor was targeted towards that middle space of the average user, a pilot looking for a mid-weight motor that is usable on a broad range of props and a broad range of flying styles without being over-powered or killing the battery. This seems to have it the nail on the head for a general use, broad application motor that just about any pilot can find a use for.


  • The stator size is right in the middle at 2305, a bit smaller than the popular large motors, and a bit larger than the popular small motors.
  • The weight is right in the middle as well, coming in at just under 30g. This seems to be a motor of the middle ground on just about every front, with a fairly large air gap, square magnets, and multi-strand windings.
  • The shaft is retained with a c-clip, but it does retain the stronger single-piece hollow shaft design.
  • The machining quality and smoothness of this motor are top notch, with excellent finishing and no play.

This is the motors’ link: